"Our FLAVOR lasts throughout the SEASONS"

DESIGNERS||| The Official Ms. Spicy & Smiley!

WHAT WE DO|||We create handmade apparel for boys and girls age 6-12 yrs old. Welcome to our world of Kids Fashion!

OUR STORY|||The Spicy Smiley Collection was launched in 2014 by The Official Ms. Spicy! Her brand was originally a girls brand. Fashion has been apart of her life since the age of 15, and she always wanted to design clothes for girls.  Ms. Spicy has been a stylist/production assistant for FASHION WEEK NEW ORLEANS for 3 years, where she was able to enhance her skills within the Fashion Industry! She lives and breathe EVERYTHING FASHION!
Ms. Spicy is an Art Institute of Atlanta graduate with a degree in Fashion & Retail Management! In 2017-the brand evolved into a girls and boys brand ages 6-12 yrs old when her brother showed interest in designing. Her brother has been into swaggy fashions since he was young & wanted to be in charge of the boys division!  Smiley designed the boys line in 2017 when they first launched the boys division and the rest is HIStory! They received awesome feedback on the entire collection and knew they were on the right track with adding boys in.
They became the perfect duo to take the Fashion world by storm for boys and girls.